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1 the completion of marriage by sexual intercourse
2 the act of bringing to completion or fruition

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  1. The act of consummating, or the state of being consummated; the state of being completed; completion.
  2. The first act of sexual intercourse in a relationship, particularly the first such act following marriage.
  3. The achievement of perfection.
  4. Termination; the end (as of the world or of life).

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Z, accomplished fact, accomplishing, accomplishment, achievement, achieving, acme, acme of perfection, apodosis, attaining, attainment, bitter end, carrying out, catastrophe, ceasing, cessation, climax, closure, coda, completing, completion, conclusion, crack of doom, culmination, curtain, curtains, death, decease, denouement, destination, destiny, discharge, dispatch, doom, effect, effectuation, end, end point, end result, ending, envoi, epilogue, eschatology, execution, expiration, fait accompli, fate, final result, final solution, final twitch, final words, finale, finality, finis, finish, finishing, fruition, fulfilling, fulfillment, goal, height, highest pitch, implementation, izzard, last, last act, last breath, last gasp, last things, last trumpet, last word, last words, latter end, mission accomplished, ne plus ultra, omega, payoff, peak, perfection, performance, period, peroration, pink, pink of perfection, pinnacle, production, quietus, realization, realizing, resolution, resting place, stoppage, stopping place, success, summit, swan song, term, terminal, termination, terminus, top, topping-off, ultimate, windup
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